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VFFS for Granule Powder
PW-110BU Single Seasoning Packing  Machine


      PW-110B Series packing machine can carry out 3-side sealing packing. Equipped with different feeding device, it can pack granule, powder, slice, pill and unshaped product.

        PW-110BU packing machine equips single sealing roller device, which can make the horizontal sealing and vertical sealing at the same time with completed, continuous cross vein. It measures with measuring cup, equips zigzag cutting device and inverter, so that it can achieve the adjustment of the packing speed non-stop in rated scope, and with intelligent temperature controller. It also can be equipped easy-tear device and photo eye system. There are line cutter and zigzag cutter to choose.


Technical Parameter




Pouch Length


To change the sealing roller as the bag length is changed

Pouch Width


Replace bag former when bag width changed

Packing Speed


Depends on the product and packing specification

Electric Power

2.5kw / AC380V or so



L1200mm× W1000mm×H1610mm



450kg or so


Parameter of Film

Outer Dimension of Film ≤400;

Inner Dimension of itφ75


Standard Feeding Device

Measuring Cup


Standard Cutting Device

Zigzag Cutter


Optional Device

Easy-tear Device and Photo eye System.

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