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VFFS for Granule Powder

MW-110C series packing machine

For packing of granule, powder, slice and pill


MW-110 C Series packing machine can carry out 3-side sealing packing. Equipped with different feeding device, it can pack granule, powder, slice, pill and unshaped product.


MW-110C packing machine equips single sealing roller device, which can make the horizontal sealing and vertical sealing at the same time.

Sealing veins is completed, continuous cross vein.

Cutter is of zigzag cutting and line cutting alternative.

Machine working process mainly includes: forming, filling, sealing, notching (option), cutting etc.

PLC control, HMI panel shows working status, working speed is controlled by frequency inverter, and sealing temperature is controlled by intelligent temperature controller.

Film tensile is automatic controlled by film tensile device.

Equipped with safety door, which protect operators efficient.

Measuring device is of measuring cup device, measuring pill counter, auger etc.

Take example of granule medicine pouch, pouch size as 70mm width, and 70mm length. The working speed is above 100ppm.


Technical Parameter:



Pouch Length

One fixed order length within 45~160mm

Pouch Width

One fixed order width within 30~95mm     

Packing Speed


Electric Power

2.5kw / AC380V 3P


L1200mm× W1000mm×H1610mm


450kg or so

Packing film

All laminate film

Outer diameter of film roll ≤400;

Inner diameter of film rollφ75

Standard Feeding

Granule:      fixed measuring cup device (U)

Powder:      auger filling device (O)

Slice and pill:  Counting with holes (F)

Un-regular:    vibrator device (W)

Optional device

Hot-pressed device

Tape printer

Soft air-exclusive device

Film static exclusive device