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VFFS for Granule Powder

MW-429C Series Packing Machine

Stick Pouch for Granule, Powder Product



MW--429C Series packing machine can carry out stick pouch. Equipped with different feeding device, it can pack granule, powder, slice, pill and unshaped product.



Equipped with one vertical sealing roller, and one horizontal sealing roller device.

Vertical sealing vein is completed, continuous grain vein, and horizontal vein is straight line veins.


The whole set of machine combines forming –vertical sealing--filling –horizontal sealing –notching–cutting together.


The feeding device depends the physical state of packing product, which includes measuring cup device, auger device, swing measured feeding device, vibrating device, etc.


There are line cutter, zigzag cutter and perferative cutter to be chosen.


PLC control, operation on HMI panel, which shows working status, servo motor driven pouch length adjustable, and with intelligent eye-mark sensor.


Equipped with safety door, which protect operators efficient.



Technical Parameter:





Pouch Length


Order length +/-40mm adjustable

Pouch Width


Replacing a pouch former to change the pouch width

Packing Speed


Depends specification of product and pouch

Electric Power

3kw / AC380V 3P



L1200mm× W1000mm×H1800mm



400kg or so


Packing film

All laminate film

Outer diameter of film roll ≤400;

Inner diameter of film rollφ75


Standard Feeding Device

Granule: fixed measuring cup device U

        Swing measuring device Y

Powder: auger filling device O

Depends packing products physical characteristic

Optional device

Hot-pressed device

Tape printer

Film static exclusive device

Additional order