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Premade pouch packing

MW-D8S series pre-made pouch automatic packing machine


MW-D8S is a general type of automatic packing machine for pre-made pouch packing, for which packing product is as powder, granule and fluid. This machine can achieve single product packing (single station filling), or various different products packing (multi station filling).


This model of machine designed of eight stations, achieving automatically pre-made pouch picking, feeding, opening, filling, vibrating, knocking, air-eliminating, sealing and outputting.


Main characteristic:


(1)Machine is equipped with vacuum pump for sucking empty pouch by vacuum sucking disc.

(2) Machine is equipped with empty pouch sealing resistance device, to avoid sealing for empty pouch and save packing pouches.

(3) No filling is pouch opening not proper, to avoid any spread-out of filling product.

(4) Easy operation of pouch dimension changing-over. Applicable is just by adjusting a knob.

(5) Sealing veins is made by customer’s order.

(6)Lot printing can be of tape printing, hot-pressed, or ink jet.

(7) Equipped with safety door.


Adaptable pouch shape:


3 or 4 sides sealing flat bag, stand-up bag, zip bag, zip stand-up bag, special shaped bag.


Technical parameter:


Machine model: MW-D8S

Bag dimension: width 100-210mm, length 100—350mm

Bag shape: 3 sides sealing, 4 sides sealing, pillow, etc.

Packing speed: 35—50ppm

Packing volume: 1000ml (1000g)

Power: AC380V /50Hz 3Kw

Machine dimension: 2260 x 1300 x1400

Machine weight: 1200kg

Compressed air request: 0.5-0.8MPa air consumption:0.1m3 /min(compressed air device is not included)




Granule: measuring disc/ electrical weighing system

Powder: auger filling

Fluid: piston pump, etc.


Optional device:



Hot pressed device

Zip opening device for zip bag

Zip opening device on bag bottom

Dust exclusive device

Dust gathering device

All above need additional order.