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VFFS for Granule Powder

MW-D120C series automatic packing machine
Multi-function packing machine of stick, three sides sealing pouch 

Packing machine MW-D120C is a packing machine of general type, which is designed for packing instant drink of powder and granule, and used for separate pouch packing and strip pouch packing.

The machine equipped with film auto-center system, collar style film former, vertical sealer, horizontal sealer,eye-mark system, multi-functional cutting device, and machine safety cover.

Film former is designed of concave and convex plate, which is efficiency to reduce the friction of film transmitting and scratch of pouch surface. The part that may contact with product is made of stainless steel.

The main structure of machine is designed for changing-over of pillow pouch, three-side sealing and four-sides sealing pouch. It is good applicable for three packing shape.

The machine is controlled by PLC,touch HMI, two ways of servo driving and pneumatic driving. Easy operation and all electrical components are made by top class brand.

This machine can also be equipped with other filler according to packing product, such as measuring cup device and feeding device.

Take 20 g milk powder as example, auger as filler, the regular production speed could be 80ppm in stable running, and accuracy is +/- 0.2%





Pouch size

Pillow shape:

pouch length 40~150mm;

pouch width 45~120mm;


sealing pouch length 40~150mm;

pouch width 45~120mm;


sealing: pouch length 40~150mm;

pouch width 45~120mm;


Packing speed

Milk powder 80ppm (pouch weight 20g)


Measuring style

1 set of

servo motor controlled auger system  +/-2%



3 Phase 4 Wires, AC380V,1.9KW


Air consumption

0.2 CBM/ min, 0.6Mpa


Machine size

L 1100mm  W 990mm  H1715mm


Machine weight

About 450KG


Parameter of Film

Outer Dimension of Film ≤400;

Inner Dimension of Film φ75




measuring cup device (U)


auger device (O)


Optional device

Hot pressed device

Tape printer

Soft air-exclusive device

Film static exclusive device