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Vacuuming & Sealing


DZ-100  Automatic Packing Machine for Forming, Filling, Vacuuming and Sealing


This automatic packing machine is our Macwell newly designed machine. The packing section of this machine is adopted from the mature technology of Macwell well-sold packing machine model MW-120C series. The vacuuming section can vacuum six pouches at same time.


The forming pouch section is controlled by servo motor and pneumatic driver. The horizontal sealer pulls and seals the packing film at the same time. It is efficient for increasing the machine output and avoiding packing bulk jammed in sealer.


The machine is PLC controlled, HMI operation, running stable, prompt vacuuming and high vacuity.


Equipped with different filling devices to achieve the auto packing and vacuuming for different product. The machine is the important packing equipment for automatic packaging for food industry. The target bulk product can be various of grain as rice and bean; up-shaped bulk product as pickled cabbage, meat, fish, etc.


The filling device will be designed differently according to customer’s bulk product. Usually, the granule as rice, millet and bean is filled by volumetric cup and disc; the pickled cabbage that may contains of fluid as water, oil should be filled by volumetric cup and disc, as well as other special-made filling system; for the measurement of cooked meat, fish, etc. , our engineer need to investigate the bulk product and then have the solution for filling and conveying. 



Main parameter:


Machine model: MW-DZ100

Packing speed:40~60(pouches/min)

Measuring range:10~50ml

Pouch dimension:L  80~145 ,W  75~100(mm)

Power:3 phases  4 wires  380V/50Hz

Power capacity:3.5(kw)

Machine weight:1000(kg) 

Outer dimension:L×W×H    2000×900×2300(mm)

Packing film:Laminated  film

Pouch shape:3/4 sides sealing  and pillow  pouch shape



Main structure:


1)  Film supporting roll is auto-centered

2)  Film guiding system and pouch former

3)  Vertical sealing device

4)  Horizontal sealing device

5)  Pouch cut-off device

6)  Pouch easy notch device

7)  Pouch guide system to vacuum chamber

8)  Vacuum chamber for 6 pouches vacuuming simultaneously

9)  Sealing device after vacuumed

10)Conveyor for finished pouch product

11)Safety- door system

12)Electrical control system

13)Measuring and filling device for bulk product

              (depends on customer’s exact bulk product)


The vacuum pump is separate order if customer doesn’t have vacuum sauce.