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VFFS For Liquid Viscosity

Single oil and sauce packing machine PW-239F series packing machine


       PW-239F Series packing machine can carry out three or four sides sealing pouch. Equipped with different feeding device, it can pack liquid, viscosity product. If the machine has two feeding devices working at the same time, it can achieve twin pouch packing; three feeding devices for triple pouch packing.



      The machine is equipped with one set of vertical sealing roller, one set of horizontal sealing roller and one set of sealing roller to strengthen. The vertical sealing roller is completed, continuous grain vein with leak-resistant line. The horizontal sealing roller is grain vein with leak-resistant line or plain sealing with leak-resistant line. The whole set of machine combines forming –vertical sealing--filling –horizontal sealing –horizontal strengthen sealing--notching–cutting together.

       The feeding device depends the physical state of packing product, which includes Magnetic pump device M for liquid feeling; Hibar-style pump device H and Rotary pump device R for homogeneous viscosity; Piston pump device P for viscosity with granule.

There are line cutter, zigzag cutter and perferative cutter to be chosen.

      With intelligent photo-eye control system, the first pouch can be located automatically, and the interruption information of the abnormal eyemark paint or incorrect design can be excluded and working stably.



    For liquid, homogeneous viscous product, such as soy sauce, vinegar, oil, sauce, shampoo, etc.





Pouch Length


The appointed length +/-30mm

Pouch Width


Replace bag former when bag width changed




Packing Speed


Depends on the product and packing specification

Electric Power

3kw / AC380V or so



L1.4m× W1m×H1.8m



450kg or so


Standard Feeding Device

Piston Pump (P)

Magnetic Pump (M)

Hibar style pump device (H)

Rotary pump device (R)


Standard Cutting Device

Zigzag Cutter


Optional Device

Easy-tear Device

Additional order