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VFFS for Granule Powder
Multi-lane Packing Machine MW-D570 series


         Packing machine model MW-D570 series is an automatic packing machine for granulate, powder, fluid liquid without solid, etc. packing in pharmacy, foods and chemistry fields. It can achieve 5—10 lanes stick / pillow packing at one time.



MW-D570 is equipped with one set of vertical sealing device, one set of horizontal heat sealing device, and one set of horizontal cooling sealing device.

Film pulling is controlled by servo motor. The cutter has line cutter or zigzag cutter alternation.

The dosing system can be measuring cup, auger, or Hibar style pump filling.

The pouch shape is good-looking and designing is saving of packing film.

PLC controlled, panel operation and adjustment of running status. Cooling horizontal sealing device pull the film and controlled by servo motor. Packing speed is adjusting step-less within certain rating. Pouch length is adjusting step-less in rating.

Pouch length is setting and adjusting easily on the touch panel.

The positioning of the intelligent photo mark sensor—positioning the first pouch automatically, working stably and clearing out the interference from the defect of film and printing.

Intelligent temperature controller.



Granule material: sugar, instant coffee, seasoning, pharmacy, etc.

Fluid liquid, such as shampoo, paste.



Technical parameter





Pouch length



Pouch width

Order one within 23—50mm   

Change the quantity of lanes to get a different packing width. max film width 570mm


0.5- 30ml


Packing speed

40~60p/m each lane

Depend upon the product and packing specification

Electric power

About 5.5kw / AC380V






1500kg or so


Applicable film



Parameter of Film

Outer Dimension of Film ≤400;

Inner Dimension of itφ75,

max film width 570mm


Standard Feeding Device

Adjustable measuring disc, auger, or liquid pump

Choose one

Standard cutting device

Line cutter,

Zigzag cutter,

Chose one

Device for choose

Solenoid knocking,


film static exclusive device

Additional order